EmailJS api integration struggles

Like others I am interested in your solution for substituting middleware for a backend (backend would be overkill)- I only have a form I am trying to email the data of to the owner of the site.

EmailJS will handle the lower threshold of emails for now.

I have attempted to pass through the data locally with success directly to EmailJS. I then attempted to implement reCaptcha v2 with struggles due to the key handling. I found Kor Connect and it seems like it would serve my purpose well as it also verifies with reCaptcha AND handle the keys - perfect.

I would like to : frontend form data → POST through Kor Connect → Emailjs api accepts request & data → Emailjs sends the eamil.

From your doc and just a handful of examples that are out there, all of them demonstrate getting data from an api, yet no where does it say that you cannot post data. Why is that? This use case should be equally possible. But, if it is, please assist with the request schema that I need to use the intuitive Kor Connect.

–Thanks in advance!!