Cors or 404 Errors when using OpenAI?

Hi! I’m trying to connect the OpenAI Rest API through Kor Connect so I can use Fetch requests in my frontend, and am having some trouble, hopefully, someone can help me? I also emailed support, but I thought that maybe others from the community may have encountered this as well, so I thought I’d post here too.

I configured the target API URL to be, and I plan on appending v1/completions (and others) to the end of my kor connect URL.

In order for the API to work, in the headers, I am supposed to put Authorization: "Bearer {API KEY}"

I’m not sure how to set that up in the Kor connect system. Should the API key be entered as Bearer {api key}?

When I try to send the request, I get this error:


Then, if I add the mode:"no-cors" attribute, I then get an error 404 response.
Am I doing something wrong?

It’s for an urgent work project, so hopefully this can be resolved soon…

Thanks so much for any help you can provide!